Reversed Time Capsule / 2011, installation at Smashing Time Group Show
mixed media / variable dimensions

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The basic concept behind this installation is the gathering of material from the site to create a self-informative display of historical artefacts for the duration of the event. It refers to the meaning we put into objects in correlation with time.

In contrast to the concept of a typical 'time capsule', where collected items that represent the present are stored over time to be 're-discovered' in the future – in order to define the change of connotations in respect to the collection of those items that occurred over that period of time, this Reversed Time Capsule can condense the for us vague history of the found objects within a short period of time. All currently accessible information is stripped from imposed historical meaning, allowing the viewers to create their own narrative corresponding the conglomeration of objects and their possible meaning in and over time.

The set-up of a mechanical soil analysis experiment exemplifies instances where information can only be obtained by letting time pass. It also reflects the central role that experimentation plays in my work practice. A count-down timer that shows the remaining 'frame of opportunity' for discovery enhances the notion of the uniqueness of this arrangement and reminds us of the pressure that limitations of time can inflict on us.