Ray of Light (Linking Time and Space) / 2011
glass marbles, steel, cable binders, rubber bands / dimensions variable (length 6 m)

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Dynamic, Folded / 2011
measuring tape, paper clip, nails / 1500 x 200 x 200 mm (approx.)
Compacted Impact / 2011
safety glass / 280 x 260 x 40 mm

With Traces of Energy, I try to establish an experience of transformations from and into different forms of energy (supporting my conviction that everything that is is some form of energy or another).
Material gets stessed by forced bending, folding and smashing – up to a fragile equilibrium where it almost, but 'just not' fails by breaking or disintegrating. I hope, it is possible to get a notion of the stored dynamics and energy in those pieces.

Especially in Ray of Light (Linking Time and Space), I intend to create the abstraction of a situation that is 'frozen in a point of time'. This depiction of a duration-less instant hints at the Eleatic world view (newly re-discovered, though established by Parmenides and Zeno, c. 500 BCE) that does not only postulate a duality of appearance and reality, but also founded a theory where time is not described as a continuos flow but as an abstraction resulting from perceived change of discrete manifestations of an eternal world.