Tension Field - Black / 2009
gouache on bristol paper, series of 5, 210 x 210 mm each
Tension Field - Blue, Grey, Yellow / 2009
gouache on bristol paper, series of 4, 350 x 350 mm each
Tension Field / 2009
software - click here for a video version

The expression Tension Field (from German: 'Spannungsfeld') refers to more than one, inter-related areas. Tension, as well as the related stress, describe mechanical properties of a material under the influence of a physical force. The field here also stems from the realm of physics. It describes a portion of space, an area where physical forces have an effect.

Though, tension and stress are also – and more frequently – used to describe biological, psychological and sociological conditions. There can be tensions in between people, one can feel tense, often by experiencing stress. And there is another related term, suspension, predominantly used in story-telling (i.e., in literature and dramatic work).

These terms all share the notion of some sort of conflict being involved. As part of our normal reality, their manifestations are natural and unavoidable, yet, never irreversible, hopefully resulting in relief. With my pieces, I try to capture the essence of the feeling I connect with being confronted with tension. Like every not specifically defined expression, it has an aura, a field of interpretation. For me, it means harshness, a feeling of unease but also includes the intrinsic striving for the gentleness of relief/release – a sensation/state that can only exist as tension's antithesis. In that respect, I see tension as one of the driving forces in our existence.